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Women in Science - Book Review

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Women in Science by Rachel Ignotofsky is a power packed book about impactful women in STEM. It gives girls (and even women) the knowledge to work in science/engineering and it also gives awareness about the gender gap between men and women in different STEM fields. Here is some more information about the book and my favorite woman in science. :)

Women in Science has bright, vibrant illustrations along with accurate, fascinating facts about impactful women from ancient Egypt all the way up to the present times. It shows everyone what women are capable of and that they should be equal to men.

My favorite woman in science: Grace Murray Hopper

Born in 1906 in New York City, Grace Hopper was a naval officer and a true computer pioneer. She earned a master's degree and a Ph.D. in mathematics and physics. During her time in the navy, she worked with two other men to build MARK I, the first electromechanical computer. She also wrote the 561 page user manual for MARK I, with two other people. In 1949, Hopper left the navy to join the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation in Philadelphia as a senior mathematician. That was where her male coworkers taught her how to code with numbers, and Hopper knew that there might be a different way to do this. She invented the first coding language to use word commands. (The coding language was called COBOL) That being said, when you think of coding, we all should first remember Grace Hopper.

Read the book, Women in Science by Rachel Ignotofsky!

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